Experience Analytics, Sitecore, Sitecore 9.3

Fix: Sitecore Experience Analytics shows ‘[unknown channel type]’ and [unknown channel group]’

I was working on Sitecore 9.3 and we have deployed our website on the production environment configured on Azure portal in PaaS model. Everything was good, but Marketing team was not happy as they where seeing [unknown channel type] and [unknown channel group] in the Experience Analytics. Please see the blow images:

So, the task to fix this, I took as a challenge and started to look for any possible help on Google, but no luck. Then, I started spinning my through wheels and tried following steps and that fixed the issue.

  1. Go to Marketing Control Panel and deploy the “/sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Taxonomies/Channel” item.
  1. Once you deploy the above said item, rebuild the reporting database to see the actual values instead of [unknown channel type] and [unknown channel group].

Happy Sitecoring!!!!