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Fix: Error (hresult:c00cee2b, message: Failed to commit configuration changes)


While working on Dockerized Sitecore 10.2 project, I faced a weird issue of the CM container restarting repeatedly. Upon initial investigation, I found that the CM instance was not able to connect to the SQL server and hence it was keeping restarting. With this error, I was looking for the fixes to connect the CM container with the SQL container.


I tried searching for the containers’ connectivity issues but all efforts were a waste of time. I also explored all the log files generated by Sitecore CM but there is no relevant useful information.

When I did find nothing useful on the internet and other channels, I thought to start looking at the docker container logs section in the Docker Desktop. Refer to the screenshot below.

Upon analyzing the log line with a focused mind, I found an ERROR statement like below in the logs.

2023-05-17 22:32:13 ERROR ( hresult:c00cee2b, message:Failed to commit configuration changes.
2023-05-17 22:32:13  )

I also found a few important log statements before this error which are shown in the following image.

Now, this filled my mind with some thoughts that, while starting up the CM container, docker sets the environment variables for the web application and tries to commit those changes so all the environment variables are available during runtime to the Sitecore CM instance.

The error mentioned above says that it is failing while committing the configuration changes. Based on that I concluded that the Sitecore CM was not able to get the value for the SQL SA password and hence I was getting the connectivity error while inspecting the Sitecore CM container.


So, upon finding some help, I get the GitHub open issue which helped me to fix my Docker runtime issue for the CM container.

I tried to find some environment variables in the .env file for my docker environment and found that environment variables like TELERIK_ENCRYPTION_KEY have ‘%’ in the value. As soon as I updated all such values with some text which do not include any special character like ‘%’, the dockerized Sitecore started working as expected without any issue.

So, if you face any such issue and find the error as mentioned above, please first look the .env file for the environment variables with special characters like ‘%’ and try to replace with some simple text and you should be good to go with Dockerized Sitecore environment.

I hope this article will help a lot of developers like me and they should not say I hate Docker.

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