Is vaccination compulsory for all?

Good morning all. I, Princy Ajmeri, is going to talk about vaccination is compulsory for all or not? First, let me tell you what is the vaccine?

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. And this is the time of a very dangerous infectious disease from COVID-19 virus. Since last one year this virus has taken the whole world by storm and killing lot of people.

Since the appearance of this virus, different biotech companies across the world started to research and develop the vaccine to kill this virus. In this work of preparing vaccines, our India is also not behind, and as you see in the News that we have already started the vaccination in different parts of India.

As we are observing that the vaccine prepared by Indian biotech companies has proven a successful effect in defeating the COVID-19 virus and has very few side effects. However, we have many questions like how safe the vaccine is? Will it have any side effects in the future, and do we have to pay for it to get a dose of vaccine?

Yes, these questions are natural because this is the vaccine that is prepared in a very short time span. And to give awareness about this vaccine and vaccination drive, the Government of India has started different campaigns on different mediums. One of them is the MyGov Corona Newsdesk group on the Telegram app where we get all the latest news and other important information about this vaccine and vaccination drive.

Also let me tell you that not only Indian doctors, but UN Chief also said that “India’s vaccine production capacity is best asset the world has today.” According to Government of India, this vaccine is not too much costly, and they recommend having a dose of vaccine for everyone.

When we will participate in this vaccination drive and have a dose of vaccine, we will be a part of the chain to stop the COVID-19 infection, and that way we will help our society to become healthier, happier, and prosperous.

Now, don’t you think that this subject is a little bit tricky? Does this only point to COVID-19 vaccination or other vaccination programs as well which are driven by the Government? I would say we not only focus on COVID-19 vaccination but also get awareness and spread awareness for vaccines of other diseases as well, like Polio, Rotavirus, Yellow fever, and many more. There are a lot of other viruses around us who can harm us, and we need immunity power to defeat them and that’s why we need vaccination.

Our government has provided a lot of vaccines free of cost through different public health centers, but we do not know, or we are not aware of that information.

In my opinion, we all should get vaccines whether it is COVID-19 or any other disease to build a healthy nation and healthy community.

Thank you all for listening me carefully.