Series: OrderCloud store development using Next.js

I’m preparing this series to showcase how to develop a store application using OrderCloud and Next.js


For the purpose of the exercise, we will use a dummy company named Pizza of your choice and one product catalog.

Pizza of your choice is a pizza-selling company that wants to sell pizzas to customers through a B2C custom solution. The custom solution allows them to create and manage catalogs with products and has those products visible to their customers/consumers.

Following is the high-level diagram showing how we should build the application.

We will start with developing an admin portal first which will allow us to set up product catalogs, categories, products, manage orders and etc.

  1. Setup OrderCloud account and API access
  2. Setup the admin portal application (Next.js application with TypeScript)
  3. Part 1: Implement OrderCloud authentication using the next-auth module